We’re Getting Radio’d

Thought it might be a fluke, but if it is it’s an extended one which goes to show you can sometimes trust a monkeys paw!

It’s our second week on the CITR charts, and we have a new enemy in Gum Country, because they are a few slots ahead of us and I keep initially mistaking them for us. It’s too bad, because they’re pretty cool. Maybe if we drag this out long enough we can do the nemesis to best friend thing?

Gun Control Song of the Day – Mitski “Townie”

The neck cramp used to be the distinct malady of the big reader or the overly ambitious and generous lover. Yet, almost instantly our spines curved downwards towards our phones.

How shocking one found this when they finally noticed directly corresponds with the degree of neck ache. To the shoulder blades? “Oh, so this is what the passage of time feel’s like. Interesting.”

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Gun Control Song of the Day – DUMB “Mustang Law”

There’s a phenomena in Canada, and probably any other cold place but the experiential science that informs the following only relate to Canada, in which the outside tries to kill you. Often this intent is obvious, windows scab over with a crystalline pattern that represents the end of entropy in death, doors refuse to open, and there’s a either a density to the air that encourages hibernation, or a crisp sharpness to it that alerts your skin to the predators that await it.

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Gun Control Song of the Day – Ben Folds Five “Evaporated”

Don’t you know that I’m young and I can’t feel a thing at all and it’s all smiles and business until I’m indifferent to the loss. They’re not the exact words but they’re the ones that came to mind and as I run the chords again and again they’re the ones that feel just right. Like something profound and sorry, it struck me in the throat and as soon as I began to hum-a-long I remembered trying to summon that soul and ask her what I was doing wrong? Today it doesn’t seem important, as I’d miss her signals through the noise, and I’m far less worried about myself then every mess in the headlines. Greeted by a bad joke each day, until someone loses their life, not an ear to argue, or a thing to do to teeter the ship back to upright. A million correct and useless thoughts, screaming between my eyes, I must admit to closing them hours before I try to sleep through the night.

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Gun Control Song of the Day – Liz Phair “Stratford-On-Guy”

Photo by Mark Payerl

Exile In Guyville by Liz Phair is a track by track response to The Rolling Stones Exile on Main St. Phair has said she tried to treat each track as a response to Mick Jagger’s corresponding track.

Phair elaborated with Rolling Stone in 2010:

So “6’1″ ” equates to “Rocks Off.”
In his lyrics he’s coming back from a night out, he’s doing the walk of shame. It’s early morning, and he runs into someone who he’s obviously had a relationship with. She’s up in the morning because she’s up in the morning like a normal person, and he’s coming home, probably still drugged and delirious — this is what I glean from the lyrics — and she’s giving him the uh huh, you’re obviously sleeping with someone and it isn’t me look, and he’s like, look man, I can’t even get into it because I’m kind of tripping out, I only get the rocks off in the morning — that’s how far gone he is. So I play the part of the woman he runs into on the street, and I’m going like, “Oh yeah, and I hated you, I bet you’ve fallen…” On other songs I would be in agreement instead of arguing with Mick, where I’d be like, yes, I too have seen a rock & roll hero who’s sort of a bum and I think he’s really tragic and beautiful — “Glory.”

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Gun Control Album Release Show Feb 4th – Here’s “City of No”

Every so often there’s a thing to be done at a place that goes by many names and way less often it has something to do with the masters of the 7 Times Recorded song; Gun Control.

Beneath the hustle and the bustle of a city that is often as uselessly self aware as a philosophy undergrad with a crippling student loan an album will be released; Volume 1 by Gun Control.

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Gun Control Song of the Day – Sloan “People of the Sky”

While it wasn’t quite right, there was no more time to mess with the skinny red tie.

The last song had been written, recorded, and released 17 years prior. The last commercially relevant song had come out 14 years prior to that, as supply far outweighed demand, and no marketing could overcome the iron grip of nostalgia, precedence, and mass consensus. They were almost entirely remixes, whether man made or forged by neural nets, as the prior generation had looked at “real” instruments as being just as irrelevant a source of expression as the never decomposing plastic peripheral carcasses that followed the Guitar Hero/Rock Band revolution of the early 2000s. He saw the extinction level event retold in a senso while ignoring 7th grade holo rigging class. It became a source of regular nightmares.

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Gun Control Song of the Day – Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon “Jonestown Mascara”

Ugh I’ve been sick with the common cold for over a week. The neocitron haze is now descending, but alas I will not be standing by to give you the play by play where the sweats kick in, and my cold and flu drugged brain rationalizes the perfect geometry I must achieve between my head and pillow to unlock the secrets of wellness. Instead, just watch this start to finish and then share it. Consider it a congested man’s final request.


Gun Control Song of the Day – Moonface and Sinai “Risto’s Riff”

Off the back of the boat was an incredible wake. A swath of turbulent white, bringing the endless blue to a boiling rage that any had dared pass through it. White knuckled atop a nylon skinned inner-tube dragged behind 45 horses of suburban lakeside mid-life crises he once learned that there wasn’t much difference between the two colour’s of water, aside from a desire to get outside of the wake towards fun and reckless speed. It was the wake that got up your nose, through your sinuses and stung going past your tonsils down your throat our back out the mouth.

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