Gun Control Album Release Show Feb 4th – Here’s “City of No”

Every so often there’s a thing to be done at a place that goes by many names and way less often it has something to do with the masters of the 7 Times Recorded song; Gun Control.

Beneath the hustle and the bustle of a city that is often as uselessly self aware as a philosophy undergrad with a crippling student loan an album will be released; Volume 1 by Gun Control.

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Gun Control “Volume 1” is Coming Feb 3rd – Here’s “Bargain”

Choice is liberty in the face of indifferent causality. Nonetheless, the Universe can hardly resist a sweet deal. Though its palate is mostly unrelatable in human terms. It can be convinced to turn lead into gold if a ridiculous enough hat has been made for the occasion. It may permit the laws of physics to allow safe passage through the vacuum of space if enough time and things are burned, or bestow superhuman traits upon one who consumes enough poison.

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