Gun Control Song of the Day – Liz Phair “Stratford-On-Guy”

Photo by Mark Payerl

Exile In Guyville by Liz Phair is a track by track response to The Rolling Stones Exile on Main St. Phair has said she tried to treat each track as a response to Mick Jagger’s corresponding track.

Phair elaborated with Rolling Stone in 2010:

So “6’1″ ” equates to “Rocks Off.”
In his lyrics he’s coming back from a night out, he’s doing the walk of shame. It’s early morning, and he runs into someone who he’s obviously had a relationship with. She’s up in the morning because she’s up in the morning like a normal person, and he’s coming home, probably still drugged and delirious — this is what I glean from the lyrics — and she’s giving him the uh huh, you’re obviously sleeping with someone and it isn’t me look, and he’s like, look man, I can’t even get into it because I’m kind of tripping out, I only get the rocks off in the morning — that’s how far gone he is. So I play the part of the woman he runs into on the street, and I’m going like, “Oh yeah, and I hated you, I bet you’ve fallen…” On other songs I would be in agreement instead of arguing with Mick, where I’d be like, yes, I too have seen a rock & roll hero who’s sort of a bum and I think he’s really tragic and beautiful — “Glory.”

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Gun Control Song of The Day – Mitski “Your Best American Girl”

Mitski’s new album Puberty 2 debuted for streaming on NPR this week. It is awesome.

It’s the unfulfilled until now spiritual sequel to Liz Phair’s Exile In Guyville, it might even have a Rolling Stone’s reference among the direct sexual references to really seal the deal. Ultimately it’s the tone and the composition that really link the two; each song has a distinct sonic fingerprint, but it all so obviously is part of a whole. You can see how it may have all started on one guitar, but Mitski’s sonic pallet is something to envy and utterly fail at reproducing.