Gun Control Song of the Day – Frank Black “Headache”

X, Y, Z – of the three Z was definitely the axis of evil. While practically anything could be found along X and Y, the vertical Z coordinates told a much more interesting story as the grid was mapped. It wasn’t science, but it could have been if enough of them had revealed they all thought of the same intense childhood thrill of getting the top bunk when the terrible accurate pun was first made. But they didn’t so another opportunity to look inwards was lost to the allure of removing all the mystery of the outward. Instead it was merely an observation, as the highest man made heights belonged to the most influential or the unworkmanably rich. At depths the accursed situations diversified, but a double-take was unnecessary once you definitively knew just how far underground a man could be compelled to go for shiny rocks, or the building blocks of shiny toys.

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