The snow fell, which was odd, but not exactly glitch worthy. The majority of tasks could be completed as per normal, but there were a few poor souls who would not be able to follow through with their function today and it was on such a scale as to register beyond good/bad to off-putting. Individuals without the proper thermal tolerance, or who lacked the proper coefficient of friction to deal with the surface slickness piled up in front of doorways. They wouldn’t be stuck there for too long, but the override protocols for a full day of incompatibility were a matter of hours not picoseconds. Being unable to participate is just so low on the list of program priorities, especially as the system had to reassign tasks to the more able. They looked like puppies wishing they could go outside fgnw873450265 What the hell is a puppy? An odd thought for an odd day, but with an additional 3 conditions put on his task list there was no time to four transports slid down the hill all occupants frozen waiting for an actionable circumstance LOLLOLOLOLOL0L0L0L0L)L)L)L)L! The synch hardware was especially chilled and made his neck ache. He was envious of the collective across the street that had formed a chain, linked arm to neck. It was an efficient excuse for a rare embrace. There was too much to do for some reason or other.