Summer – New Song

The best song is a finished and released song, so go sit in the corner other songs I can’t bring myself to listen to again to keep tweaking the sibilance. Back in May Oliver from the band Bellows opened up an invitation for anyone to participate in a song a day challenge. It was a […]

Hifi Poptimism with Elvis Depressedly

Photos courtesy of Amanda Silberling¬†at Interview with Mathew Lee Cothran of Elvis Depressedly/Coma Cinema Back in March Steve got to interview Mat Cothran for our favourite Vancouver music magazine Beatroute.¬†While appropriate for the format, soooooo much had to be cut! So now we’re going to the other extreme with an almost raw transcript of […]

Not Lazy, Just Easily Distracted

Where the hell have we been? One of the problems with being a DIY band is that when you dedicate yourself to doing things yourself, you have to spend time actually figuring out how to do the things. Sometimes these are things that you can learn rapidly, execute, and forget all about them – like […]

Gun Control Song of the Day – Ryan Adams “Halloween”

Last night on my way home from the Alex Cameron charm your face off experience I ducked into a cafe/bar that just started a new open mic night. Open mics are curious creatures, though uniformly named and conceptualized each is very different. Some are baby artist play pens, where one in ten songs might be […]

Gun Control Song of the Day – Eboueurs by Croque Madame

  A lifetime of laissez faire living was insufficient preparation for the griefing wave. Folk lore would have you believe bad things only came in threes before a period of respite. But if that were true then the qualifications for bad were jacked up by 137% and that meant the new normal was an experience […]