My feet are cold and my head aches in that slight way where if I focused hard enough I could convince myself I could feel my eyes. The edge is sharpened as the music reminds me of a summertime I’m not entirely sure I ever actually experienced, but that’s likely got more to do with good marketing then my inability to reach competence at any experience that involves attaching things to my feet. A succession of false feelings distract from the tight hamstrings over crossed legs as the endless scavenger hunt continues across a screen that can only ever give as good as it gets.

They say there will be palm trees. I wonder what they will feel like. From the round window I count 7 other zeppelins floating above an endless white plane. While they all have an ultimate destination, they also have chosen to take twice is long to look just in case there’s something to be found in the great stasis. I count the identical round windows and what we’re all waiting for.