So you want to know more? 

Gun Control is based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

It’s made of Justin Penney (drums), Matt MacEwing (bass and backup vocals), and Steve Mann (lead vocals and guitar).

Gun Control came to exist for a very simple reason – Justin thought of the name and amazingly it hadn’t ever been used. If there’s a better reason to start a band then I’ve never heard it. 

Why was he thinking of band names? Before Gun Control, Steve and Justin were in a band called Philoceraptor. That band reached it’s natural endpoint when the beloved drummer moved away. Struggling to figure out a different way to continue their decade long friendship, Steve and Justin persevered as a two piece, with Justin learning to play the drums and Steve taking on all vocal duties. It didn’t really seem to stick until Justin blurted out Gun Control. 

Gun Control persisted as a two piece, continuing the “no bass” tradition established in Philoceraptor. It was alright, but one day Justin did the right thing and invited longtime Philoceraptor fan Matt MacEwing to practice, bass in hand, and everything has been heavenly ever since. 

In the time since the original two piece demos were rerecorded and released as 2017’s “Volume 1”, which as far as they’re concerned hit way above its weight class according to a couple of Soundexchange royalty cheques. 

General life and a couple of broken down meat machines have slowed the output of the band through to 2020, but now a long lost Converse Rubber Track session track is nearing release to be followed by a long in development concept album. That just covers the official commercial releases, as an extensive back catalogue of demos and experiments has been saved up since then. 

Gun Control has never aimed to be overtly political. It’s an act of joy and perseverance. An expression to fight back the wolves of the mundane with their razor sharp teeth. Some chords, words and melodies. 

There’s never been a better time for Gun Control.