Where the hell have we been?

One of the problems with being a DIY band is that when you dedicate yourself to doing things yourself, you have to spend time actually figuring out how to do the things. Sometimes these are things that you can learn rapidly, execute, and forget all about them – like when we made this website and had to forget everything we knew about HTML, learn CSS, figure out how wordpress worked, figure out how to customize wordpress (but do it wrong because the work was already done before we even heard the term “child themes”) and hack away at the bits of code we recognized to get things looking just right *chefs kiss*.

Once all that was done, we got to forget all about it! But no one was the wiser because it’s not like anyone missed the non-existent website.

Similar thing happened in the lull since our last post in March. We’ve got a bunch of songs recorded, but unmixed, and even though we learned how to mix already, as per the existence of our sweet baby “Volume 1” the problem is that it was over a year since we mixed that record, and in the meantime we essentially forgot 80% of how to actually do that properly. Add to that the fact that these tracks are way harder to mix since they are majestically multi-tracked angels courtesy of Converse Rubber tracks, and we basically put our head down to get back on the bike and figure out how to do wheelies.

All the while we’re trying to navigate the horrors of registering all of our tracks for all of the micropennies in royalties which, though hardly worth a bag a chips I’ll be damned if I leave any of it in a PRO administrators lazy pockets. Expect a post on that shit show of a process later on. Then there’s all the fun stuff about “how do we get new people to hear these songs when we sure as hell aren’t going on the road,” which leads to rabbit holes where we spend 3 days considering learning how to use an open source anime animation software via youtube lessons to make a video, and before you know it I’m staring in horror at my trembling hand in the midst of playing guitar for the first time in a week.

Now would sure be a great time to drop a hot new track! So here, it’s our contribution to Common Courtesy, a local Vancouver compilation that pops up from time to time and sends all of it’s proceeds off to Girls Rock Camp Vancouver. Full disclosure, this version of the song was bounced too quiet because as per the previously mentioned “forgetting everything”, I forgot that since I mastered the track I didn’t need to leave any headroom.
We’ll be releasing a different version of this track in the not so distant future. Just gotta fine tune the mix, make a graphic, make some kind of video for it, release it through distrokid, register it with Connect Music, SOCAN, Audiam maybe though I fucking hate their platform right now, RACS, and CMMRA, then tell some random people about it and see if they deem us worthy to tell others.

Hopefully, this candid non-fever dream like post hasn’t thrown you off our “brand”, but oddly enough it seems there are a curious few who check out the website from time to time and I felt I owed you an explanation for our tardiness. Thanks for the attention! We’ll try and reward it appropriately. Here this’ll make you more fun at parties.