The best song is a finished and released song, so go sit in the corner other songs I can’t bring myself to listen to again to keep tweaking the sibilance.

Back in May Oliver from the band Bellows opened up an invitation for anyone to participate in a song a day challenge. It was a cool challenge that went swimmingly for 2 days until I was reminded of how much I had forgotten about recording, and how much I had to learn especially compared to those who were knocking out solid tracks each and every day of the challenge. This is one of the 2.5 songs that got finished. I suppose the best name for it would be a demo, but I won’t necessarily ever do anything with it again, so for now this is it (ohhhh wop)!

I’ve been steadily back at working on my fundamentals, and if you are an inspired music maker looking to go from “uselessly clueless” to “confidently lying your way to competency” I would recommend working your way through the Reaper Blog mixing course. The template song is awful, but no pain no gain! I went through it once without working on the template song making notes, then ran through it again applying the concepts to an in progress Gun Control mix. It’s definitely not comprehensive, but it’s good enough to get some songs done and out the digital door.