Gun Control “Volume 1” is Coming Feb 3rd – Here’s “Bargain”

Choice is liberty in the face of indifferent causality. Nonetheless, the Universe can hardly resist a sweet deal. Though its palate is mostly unrelatable in human terms. It can be convinced to turn lead into gold if a ridiculous enough hat has been made for the occasion. It may permit the laws of physics to […]

Gun Control Song of the Day – Sjowgren “seventeen”

My feet are cold and my head aches in that slight way where if I focused hard enough I could convince myself I could feel my eyes. The edge is sharpened as the music reminds me of a summertime I’m not entirely sure I ever actually experienced, but that’s likely got more to do with […]

Gun Control Song of the Day – Mikal Cronin “Change”

You could call it an espresso spoon, but it was really just a circle attached to a rectangle, existing in three dimensions only for the virtue of a clean side profile. It clinked with alarming density against the sides of his copper powder coated cup.

Gun Control Song of the Day – The Good Life “Inmates”

The dust storm promised to settle the fuck down via it’s agent; the endlessly chipper napkin dispenser sized personal assistant. Amy had found the code and design specs while doing a deep dive into vintage net coms. She was in it for the honesty editorial on the period couldn’t provide. It was a dozen kinds […]

Gun Control Song of the Day – Crystal Castles “Vanished”

I mean sure yeah I’ll stick around and stare why put up a fuss I’m not the kind to rock the boat so many others have it way worse off than I and yeah sure maybe this kind of capitulation is what lost us the war before it even began but who ani i to […]

Gun Control Song of the Day – Frank Black “Headache”

X, Y, Z – of the three Z was definitely the axis of evil. While practically anything could be found along X and Y, the vertical Z coordinates told a much more interesting story as the grid was mapped. It wasn’t science, but it could have been if enough of them had revealed they all […]

Gun Control Song of the Day – Screenager “I’m So Tired”

The snow fell, which was odd, but not exactly glitch worthy. The majority of tasks could be completed as per normal, but there were a few poor souls who would not be able to follow through with their function today and it was on such a scale as to register beyond good/bad to off-putting. Individuals […]